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Our History

Black hair has always been an integral feature throughout black history. In early African history we wore head dresses and hairstyles that would indicate which tribe or family we were a part of. Later, down the line we were stripped of these practices in order to conform to the western expectation. As three sisters we have adopted the attitude of our ancestors who created and distributed black beauty products which in turn helped thousands of black families gain self-respect and economic independence as a community.

Who Are we

Just hair is the number one online retailer specialising in black and mixed hair care products founded by black women. We provide a wide range of hair care products to aid maintaining healthy luxurious hair.

Our Aim

Our aim is to change the narrative on how our products are sold. We don’t want shops overcrowded with out of date products or small shelves in chain high street stores next to our European counterparts. Customer service and brand availability is our number one priority. Gone are the days where we shop in stores who have no clue what they're stocking and/or don’t even try to learn basic information about which hair products are most suited to which hair type. Let’s empower and support black business offering change.
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